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Welcome to Juiced Up Media

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DISCLAIMER: Because of some of the subject matter I will be getting involved with, in the future. I thought I had better put this little disclaimer up.


I am here to report the truth, the way I want to report it and all my thoughts are my own. No individuals or businesses should be held accountable for my views or subject matter. 



November 2, 2019

 As I mentioned in a previous post on my blog. Curiosity is making some changes and some of those changes is the added addition of a set of new projects and videos. One being "Curiosity Adventures" which basically is a set of vblogs looking at my journey into being a novice backpacking cyclist into one that is a bit more accomplished.

Curiosity Adventures is not only going to be a series of vlogs, but will also become a full blown documentary about my adventures cycling around the UK, Europe and maybe even beyond. But in true Curiosity style I will be totally alone without any crew, security or back up.

But before I do an...

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