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Curiosity - Kim Wall RIP

It still saddens me that a young lady went to interview a man for a story and ended up becoming a victim to this psychopath who proceeded to murder her and dismember her body. I used to follow Kim on Twitter and still do because to date her Twitter account still stays active with no further posts. Which makes me wonder if its eerie or a mark of respect for a lady who walked into the lions den without knowing what was coming.

Newspapers at the time reported that on Aug the 10th 2017, Kim Wall boarded Peter Madsen's homemade submarine to write a story. The sub sank the next day, and Wall never came back.

For the following weeks, police searched for the 30-year-old Swedish freelance journalist who Madsen said he had dropped her off alive in Copenhagen at a restaurant.

Twelve days after she got onto that submarine, police identified a headless female torso that washed ashore as Wall's.

Police said that the arms, legs and head had been deliberately cut off from the body, leading everyone to ask how exactly Kim Wall was murdered? With many speculating that she was raped.

Test results of the torso revealed that it had suffered damage in an attempt to make sure air and gas left the body so it wouldn't rise from the water. Metal was also found attached to the body, which police presume was put there to ensure that it would sink.


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