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How to spot a faker

We have all seen TV programs like Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and more. Plus, if you go onto places like YouTube etc, you’ll find an abundance of channels dedicated to the paranormal arts. 

Now I can’t say 100% that everyone of these are fake. But there is a high probability that a good 95% or more are nothing more than made up rubbish in order to get views and make a bit of extra cash along the way. But how do we know who is fake and who is not?

Well, if you watch any program/video where a group of people go hunting for ghosts and they come across something every single time. The odds are it is either based on very flimsy evidence like EVPs, spirit box sessions Grainy videos or photos etc or it is something that has been enhanced using editing software like After Affects. Thus making it fake. 

It’s impossible to walk into every single place and capture evidence every single time. Because if that was the case, then why go to abandoned buildings etc? If ghosts are that prevalent, couldn’t you just walk out your front door and talk to them? 

A definite way to know if someone is fake or not, is by how many adverts they have on their YouTube video. I’ve seen videos with 4,5,6 adverts on them by some guy sat in his house claiming it to be haunted. I mean that isn’t even hard to do. It’s plain lazy for one and screams “I’m going to tell everyone it’s haunted and video at home so I don’t need to go out” or “I used to go out, but I’ve run out of ideas and now I’m going to film in my house”. But I’m going to milk it for every penny it’s worth. 

If you watch any real paranormal videos from people like Paranormal Truth or DDF Ghost Hunting RTC. You see that it is very seldom you actually see anything. And even if you do, it’s never clear cut. Plus, they are not full of adverts. They are here to try and capture evidence and not views.

As you know, if you follow Curiosity. I have been to a number of what is classed as haunted locations and I have only ever seen two things I couldn’t explain and even these where nothing I saw at the time and was something I noticed in post. 

One was in my video titled “Dybbuk” and the other was “Into the Madness”. Were on both occasions I saw something come out of know where and then disappear. 

Now a faker would straight away class that as 100% paranormal evidence in order to cash in. Instead of asking the questions I ask myself like:-  Why didn’t I see that at the time? And is it something that digital filmmaking is producing with light bouncing around and producing shadows etc.

I could put up a list of people I know are fakers. But I would be here a very longtime and it wouldn’t serve any real purpose other than getting into an argument over someone’s dishonesty and with those people you will never win.

But here is a checklist.

Too many adverts on video

seeing something everytime

selling merchandise 

static camera rolling to capture evidence in their kitchen (it’s been done to death and so as the old security camera footage in office, school, hotel, car park  etc) .

So don’t be gullible. If something is telling you it’s fake. The odds are you are right. 

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