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Watch your back!

We have all come across them. That person who says they are your friend while all the time plotting their evil little plan to make your life as difficult as they can for their own twisted amusement.

Well, if you are a YouTuber/filmmaker, the same happens there too. As a matter of a fact , social media is a real cesspit when it comes to these low lives.

Instead of going to the doctors to find help for their not so healthy passion. They decide to latch onto you and make it their mission to try and piss you off by doing little childish things instead of being a man or woman by confronting you head on in order to tell you what their problem is. But they can’t do that because they don’t actually know what the problem is because their mind changes like the wind.

Their lives are so pathetic and meaningless. They can’t do anything except Just push that dislike button on your post or make false social media accounts to try and give you a bit of bad feed back or generally abuse you. ( They get so excited about doing that you know... Aw, bless).

But what do you do with these so called “Friends” or in some accounts “Fans”? 

Well, you could try blocking them. But these little psychopaths will find a way of getting to you. They will just use one of their many fake accounts that they have used to ploy their little selfish trade. Because remember, this person has done this before to another innocent person or even group before you. So, blocking is not much use. However, it does freak them out for a little bit :-)  

You could crumble and come off social media. But they’d love that. Because in their tiny little mind, that would mean they have been victorious and they would then move to another innocent, but all the while keeping their beady little eye on you, just in case you decide to reappear without telling them (How dare you).

You could change your name, but they will find you. These little hounds will be there in no time with their arse sniffing senses. 

So what do you do and how do you spot these simpletons?

First of all they will come at you all innocently, just like any other follower/fan. And tell you how they used to do something similar to you,  In order to try and get a dialogue going with you and some common ground. Almost like a paedophile would do when grooming a child which could also mean these numpties could actually be a child molester as well. So they are not so easy to spot at this point. 

But give it a little while and they’ll tell you how the last person they followed accused them of all sorts and it really wasn’t them. So you might start to feel sorry for them.  So that’s No1.

No2 Because they are still grooming you at this point, they will introduce their friends to your channel and you’ll start to get more subscribers and more likes on your videos. But these so called friends are just them and their fake accounts. 

No3 You start to get more people leaving messages on your videos that are all very similar, but you don’t take too much notice at this point because it’s all good. 

No4, After a while, you get a someone leaving a message on your video that is quite obviously a troll who is trying to bait you. But you look at your trolls channel and it has no subscribers or at least very little. 

No5 Your new found friend comes to your aid and so do a few of the other new subscribers (All fake by the way). But again, this is part of the grooming process and all part of the dickless wonders plan to draw you in.

No5 Things start to get a bit creepy and your new friend wants to meet you (Much like a real paedophile would suggest to a child in their grooming procedure). And even suggests swapping phone numbers (DON’T EVER DO THIS - I know we are adults so act like one and think).

But you make an excuse and refuse. And even though he/she says they totally understand, they don’t and become offended. But not that you will know at this point. 

No6 Conversations will continue for a while and then all of a sudden stop. This is him/her trying to see if you will ask if everything is alright. Then a sob story will come out. 

All this continues for a while depending how receptive you are. 

No7 Then one day you start to notice that every single video you put up, has started to get an instant dislike or may two. No biggie, people are entitled to their opinion right? 

But it becomes more and more frequent and you start to notice a pattern. Every single video, no matter how good, gets one instant dislike after 10 minutes of it being uploaded and you announcing your new creation to the world on your other social media accounts.

No8 But then you try and figure out who this person is who constantly ticks unlike and sends you abuse. And by process of elimination and block suspected candidates everything comes together and you realise who this but job is and you wait.

No9 This is were it gets interesting. You will finally realise who it is when this person starts to freek out and starts to message you constantly on all your social media accounts. But ignore them and watch as they steadily get worse. 

No10 They will then start posting on their own media accounts asking if anyone knows why you have blocked them? And then go up a gear and start contacting you using fake accounts pretending to be someone else asking why you have blocked their mate? And when that fails, they start to contact other people you have a connection with while acting all innocent.  

But the big question is. What do you do? 

You can now keep them on your account knowing exactly who they are and knowing what they are doing while collecting evidence in the background and when you are ready strike, you can then contact the relevant people and move things in whichever direction you wish. But remember to collect enough evidence in order for them to hang their selves. 

Stay safe and happy filmmaking :-) 

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