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Need to get fit

OK, the photo headline might sound a bit dramatic, but that is what I have been told by my doctor. 

Basically I’m a fat little fxxker (Just in case you hadn’t realised :-) and the doctor has given me an ultimatum to lose weight or go and meet the big G in the sky.

But why was I at the doctors in the first place? Well, I have never hidden the fact that I am one of those people who suffer from depression and because of this I visit the doctor regularly. But on this occasion I was there because my shoulder is buggered and apparently I have a swollen tendon or something in my arm. But while there they did the usual thing of taking bloods etc which came back with a little surprise. 

Well to be honest it wasn’t that much of a surprise but I’ll carry on. 

Because I have put weight on through the years, my body is starting to suffer a little and I have been told my liver is now starting to feel the stress of my fatty life style. Thus putting fat onto my liver and strain on my body. 

Now, according to the doctor, this is all reversible as long as I lose weight or I could suffer liver failure. Which if I have to be honest I can feel happening to some degree as we speak or maybe it’s all just psychological. Which ever it is, I feel uncomfortable around my waist line.

So this has left me with a dilemma. Get fit or at least fitter or lose my liver. 

Now, there is a plus side to all this. Apparently because I looked after my body when I was younger, I am lucky I don’t suffer from more serious things. Because believe it or not I wasn’t always a lazy over weight chocolate eating monster (well I must admit I have always like chocolate) you see before you these days. But sometimes life batters you down and you have to take it and then get back up. But I spent most of my teens and upto about my 30s keeping fit, so I know how to do all the moves or so to speak. 

But what am I going to do? 

Well I thought I would start a little video blog as a way of tracking my progress and try and lose a few stone. By doing this, it will also give me the boost to get this done. Plus, I suppose if I get a bit fitter it will help me fit into some of those places I struggle to get into while filming Curiosity. 

So, I’m either going to die on medial grounds because I’m a fat boy. Or I’ll feel like I’m dying trying to get fit because this really is going to kill me . Just not in the real sense.

I hope you support me on my little adventure and fingers crossed I won’t injure myself in the process... 

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