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Which Mic?

OK, numerous people have asked me which mic’s I use to interview people? So, rather than replying individually, i thought I’d post it onto my blog.

As most of you know by now. Before I go out there and put myself in sort of danger. I sometimes like to ask the public for their opinions on certain things and I have had quite a few messages asking how I get clear audio and which mic I use? 

Now as a documentary maker. I need clear audio. Whether that be for a paranormal shoot or a general run and gun type scenario where I need to get away fast because I’m being chased of some mental case. But which ever it is, clear audio is the key. 

But if I could give all you potential ghost hunters, documentary makers or wanna be journalists who are just starting out just one tip. That is, never and I mean NEVER use the on board mic on your camera. I would rather fart in a tube and present that  instead of using an onboard mic. Yes, it’s that bad. 

Anyway on with your question.

Well, for street interviews I tend to use a Rode NTG2 mic. Simply because of its sturdy build quality and because it’s price was within my budget. Plus, there is that other thing that Rode has a good reputation within the filmmaking industry and a lot of people instantly recognise the brand and see you as a professional or in my case a fat guy who’s trying to be professional, but hey. I am what I am or so said Gloria Gaynor. But never the less, they make insanely quality gear. But if you are one of those people who have either just got involved in video/film work or you have been asleep for the last 20 years and Just didn’t know that? Then check out their website at

Now, I know some of you will be shouting “It’s a shot gun mic and belongs on a boom pole or attached to a camera”. 

Well maybe, but it works at treat as a hand held mic too as you’ve heard on my documentaries and as you can see by the screen grabs above.

However, for a lav mic or lapel mic as they are also known. I tend to favour the Sony UWP. 

Now again these are a good sturdy built piece of kit which I bought second hand off eBay and I have to say they have served me well. Although they are getting rather old now. So I might start looking for something new soon. But if you want to know more on this lav mic set up. Check out the Sony website

The top and bottom of it all, is good audio is a must and if you are just starting out on your journey into filmmaking. Whether that be for YouTube or some other avenue. Then audio is king and you can’t go wrong if you save up a little cash to get a decent mic setup.

So I hope that answers some of your questions? And like everything,  if you have anything else to ask just drop me a line. 

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