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Knife crime to tame

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it as it is. And whether you agree with me or not, makes no difference to me because this is my personal view on educational videos on knife crime.

Knife crime is not just an up close and personal crime. But the way it is educated across to our children in schools, youth centres and everyday videos is almost a crime in its self. 

Educational videos are made in such a way, so as not to offend or taint our delicate children’s minds. 


Have you seen what our kids are exploted to these days? 

Computer games are so graphic and the content is so adult. That it has opened up a whole new world to our future generations in a way never seen before. 

Take the screen shots below.

All taken from highly successful computer games and these are what our kids play.

Now, some people will argue the toss that these games are 18 certificates and it is down to their parents. But that too is bullshit and you know it and if you don’t, then you need to get out more. Because when it comes to technology, kids will always out smart their parents and they will always find away of passing your parental values no matter how much you try and empower your good values. That is part of growing up and unfortunately it’s how we learn.

Even if you by-pass the video game industry. Have you actually looked at the TV lately and what is available viewing wise? There’s more sex, violence and less rock n roll than there ever has been. And you only need to sit and watch a film to know this. 

But this doesn’t stop at TV either. Our online world is far darker than most of us could imagine. And with the addition of social media, mobile phones and file sharing. Our children no longer need to be mommy cuddled when it comes to being educated on violent crime and drugs. But need to be shown the real graffic reality in a structured way that seriously impacts them by today’s standards and not by a video that no doubt costs thousands to make, but that has no more impact than a video made in the 50’s would have had on us as youths. 

I constantly see these educational videos being pumped out by the police, councils and other educational resources that even make my eyes glaze over and that often use words and slogans to get their message across. Like the photo below. 

This is part of an ad for the current knife crime video in London. But the problem I have is that you are trying to reach a generation of kids that would rather watch a YouTube video of some poor kid getting his head kicked about like a football in a park or playground some where. Than watch a well structured video with a load of school kids saying things like “London needs me alive” and then some cheesy line made by some adult sat in an office who in turn calls them self a professional in dealing with children who in turn then goes home to their nice house, in their nice car. 

Things have moved on and we need to realise that the way children view the world is completely different.

They have gangs, kids have no fear, young girls will quite happily flaunt themselves on social media and young lads will quite happily throw up gang signs, pose with weapons and in some cases even stolen cars and bikes. 

So why are corporate institutions like the police still employing out dated tactics and making videos that have no more impact than watching a log fire burning on your TV screen?

The Youth of today need to see the harsh reality of what happens when a person gets stabbed. 

They need to see the fight before hand because this is what they see in the playground, in the parks and in the streets. The horrific wound suffered by the victim after being stabbed or attacked by a machete , because that is what they see on TV, games and on social media etc. The effect it has on people lives and more. 

If we don’t put it in the way they depict it, then we have already lost more victims before the knife is actually used. And all because the people who sit in offices, gather in Board rooms and have the power to truely educate are too scared to offend people by giving the reality that really would make an impact.

So for god sake, stop making corporate videos for knife crime and show how it really is. Because I would rather be offended than stand over my child’s grave anytime. 

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