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The UKs most haunted building or is it?

The Ancient Ram Inn is a place of legend. A place that is said to be so haunted that any list predicting the top ten most haunted places in the world, will almost always feature this old building that was first built in 1145. It’s a building that has seen numerous TV productions enter through its doors including Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures, Plus News Crews from all over the world. But is it as haunted as it is claimed? Well ,if you believe the stories that are in numerous newspapers and tales told by many a paranormal group that have since visited the place. The actual chance of seeing a ghost or experiencing something paranormal is extremely high in this old building. But what if I told you different? Well, on the 14th Jan 2018 I visited the UKs most haunted building along with Dale & Justin from Paranormal Truth in order to help with their documentary titled “Ouija -Dicing with death” and our experience told a different story. Although the building is a fascinating structure that obviously has a lot of history behind it. For me it was nothing more than that. An old cold building that sits in the same space that it has done since it was built all those hundreds of years ago. I had no uneasy feelings or no sense of doom when entering the property or while walking around from room to room. My equipment all worked as it should and I witnessed nothing I would class as paranormal or unnatural. 

I felt nothing touch me, nothing attacked me and despite the building reportedly said to be positioned on a cross road of ley lines that come straight from Stonehenge which are said to increase paranormal activity. I can honestly say hand on heart that my experience was nothing different than that of staying in a premier lodge with a few friends for the night.  However, at this time I am still going through the footage filmed on my visit to see if anything was captured that I didn’t see while I was there. So only time will tell on whether anything was captured that wasn’t of this earth. I will keep you posted on my findings. 

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