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Documentary set up

People often ask me what equipment I use for filming my documentaries.

Well, I used to use a canon 70D with a canon f2.8 70-200mm lens or a sigma 18-200mm lens depending on the shot. And I would still say that is still a great bit of kit. 

However, I have since upgraded to a 4K camera which is the Panasonic HC- X1000 along with a Rode NTG2 shotgun mic and a Sony UWP lav mic with a standard LED light.

But why did I buy this camera? 

Well for me it was obviously because it filmed in 4K at up to 60p which in turn has future proofed my gear for when people start to watch 4K in the near future. 

But since I currently film in HD, it also allows me to do that quite happily at either 24,25,50 or 60p.

But one of the other big pluses for me was the size. The camera can be held in one hand and bridges the gap between professional and consumer and also has the added function of night vision, 2 XLR mic inputs and a host of other features to keep any filmmaker happy. 

So, all in all the camera is great for documentary filmmakers and paranormal investigation groups who are trying to get their work noticed. But coupled with the mics and light, it means I’m all ready to go  when i need to get out there in a rush.

One thing I do see a lot about this camera, is that it’s not great in low light. Well, I havnt really experience any issues with that and I certainly wouldn’t  slag the camera off for something I don’t seem to have a problem with and Since I use the night vision when filming some of my work. I think I might have by passed that particular issue.

So, if you are a paranormal filmmaker or YouTube documentary maker, I would recommend this set up.

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