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As I sit here in city center Manchester in freezing temperatures. I am struggling to type this blog because my fingers have almost stopped working and I will apologize for any spelling mistakes or things that don't really make sense. But this is what is happening to thousands of homeless across the UK during this period of -5 cold spell and purely because of this I have decided to start filming the follow up to my 2016 documentary Human Garbage.

So at present, I am currently in a doorway with other homeless trying to survive this deep freeze as the bitter wind cuts through me and around me. I have managed to borrow a sleeping bag which looked very inviting at first, but then turned out to be as useless as a wet paper bag, so I am just trying to keep out the wind by pushing myself as close to the corner as I possibly can.

My toes feel like they have dropped off and my eyes are watering so much with the wind hitting my face. But I have only been here a few hours after I was dropped off late last night, so god knows if this will get better or worse as time goes on. I mean last time I did this I got threatened by the cities drug dealers and beat up, so god knows what going to happen this time?

Curiosity - Human Garbage 2016

As with before, I will be filming all alone with no crew or back up. But this time, the documentary will see me visiting other places across the UK to try and get a good all round view of the situation, rather than just one cities view. So filming will take a little more planning and time, which in turn will put me in more dangerous situations.

But back to tonight. If there is anything people can do to help the homeless in their cities, where ever you are? Then please do so. Because it's bloody freezing out here......

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