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Has Manchester got a canal pusher?

 Ever since teenager Charlie Pope's body was found in a canal in Manchester after going a missing on a night out. People have been emailing me by the bucket load asking if there really is a serial killer in Manchester?

My answer to that is firstly, what we should be concentrating on is sending our thoughts to Charlies family. 

Yet another family has lost their child in circumstances that may or may not be suspicious, but on this occasion I truly hope that if there is foul play involved that the incident has been caught on CCTV.

The reason I say this is because I went to the location today and what I noticed apart from how dam cold it was. Is the fact that there were a number CCTV cameras on the building next to the lock and the surrounding areas. 

So if there was anything going on then hopefully some evidence has been captured.

But to show you what I mean I have placed a map below that shows some of the locations of the nearest CCTV cameras I could see.

 However, this all depends on whether these cameras are working or even pointing in the right direction.

But one thing that did confuse me was, if Charlie decided to take a short cut over the canal. Then there was a footbridge that he could have walked across without putting himself in danger, that also had near chest high railing on.

But in his intoxicated state, I also suppose he could have made the decision to try an cross using the actual lock which in turn didn't have any railing on and then fell in.

So in answer to everyone's question "Is there a Pusher?" That's not for me to say. I just present what I find and you then decide.

R.I.P Charlie Pope :-(

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