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Below you will find a number of Curiosity videos that are available on Youtube and Amazon Prime.
Even though some of the subjects are up for debate on whether they are true or not. Each of my videos present truthful accounts at the time of filming, which some people may or may not agree with.
Return to No 30
The Manchester Pusher 
(Part 1)
The Manchester Pusher 
(Part 2)
Ouija Board
Pendle Hill
In Search Of The Black Eye Children Of Cannock Chase
Smiley Face Pusher
UFO Alley (Are we alone?)
30 East Drive Documentary
Haunted Woods
Hunt for Manchester's
Serial Killer Documentary
Manchester's Asylum
Mental Asylum - The Return
Hangmans Noose
The Skirrid Inn
The Ancient Ram Inn
Into The Madness
Haunted by a Dybbuk
Cannock Chase
Hells Gateway