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About Curiosity


Hi Welcome to Curiosity


                          I suppose this is the bit of the site where I tell you all about my life up until now. Well to be honest there isn't enough space and even though I've had a varied life, you might find it boring, but I have to put something right? Well here goes...


My name is Gary Jay and I live in Manchester with my wife & two children. 


I have done a number of jobs in my life (To many to mention), but have worked in and around the entertainment industry for long time, starting off as a Dancer, DJ, Record producer and as a nightclub doorman for over 20 years (on & off). 


I have been lucky enough to have had records signed to both AATW Records (Whom are responsible for the Clubland Albums & Clubland TV) and DMC (Whom are responsible for the World DJ Mixing Championships) and DJed at some great clubs both here and abroad.


As a filmmaker I have my name on IMDB and have collabated with a number of directors and as a photographer I have had various pieces in a number of publications and have been lucky enough to photograph at The Manchester Games, Great North Run and Boardmasters Surf comp in Newquay to name a few.

I have also just released my first book which is available on Kindle & Amazon. So, I suppose we can now add author to my list.


So, whats next? I have no idea, but since I'm not getting any younger and life carries on. I'll just keep plodding along and doing what I do and see where lifes journey takes me.


In the mean time I'll just let my Curiousity get the better of me................


Thanks for reading 


Gary Jay

Curiosity - Gary Jay
Curiosity - Gary Jay
Curiosity - Gary Jay
Curiosity - Gary Jay
Curiosity - Gary Jay
Curiosity - Gary Jay
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