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30 East Drive - Revisit?

In 2016 I made a visit to a place that was described by Most Haunteds Yvette Fielding as “The most terrifying location she has ever investigated in her entire career on the show”. 

Which was then followed up by Nick Groff and his hit US show Paranormal Lockdown who again classed his visit as “terrifying” and even claimed the spirits followed him home.

Well, then I made a visit to 30 East Drive. A place that is described as Europe’s most violent haunting were things go more than bump and people leave in fear. 

And after hearing of these two brave paranormal investigators with their camera crew, production teams, security and partners in crime and the terrifying nights they had. I decided to spend the night alone. Just me, no one else, on my Jack Jones etc. 

But what did I find? 

Nothing? ziltch, zero, bog all.

But this got me thinking? Nick Groff did say the spirits followed him home. Maybe the black monk was over in the US? Putting the willies up Nick? 

Anyway, was I really just unlucky? Should I re-visit to see if things really do go bump in the night at 30 East Drive? 

I mean, I have been asked back by the owner and as yet, I have never returned because if I had to be honest. I didn’t see much point in sitting in an empty house twiddling my fingers. I mean, I can do that at home when my wife and kids go out. Except that it’s a dam sight warmer in my house. 

I have had a lot of paranormal teams contact me claiming that the place really is haunted and they have the evidence to prove it. But as I always say, I don’t class grainy images, EVPs, spirit box seasons or Ouija Boards as viable evidence. If I can’t see it or I’m not physically thrown across a room by an unseen force or at least sexual assaulted by a female ghost. Then I discount anything that can’t be proven 100%.

But in the fairness of play. Is it worth me doing a revisit? Is it worth stepping foot back into the house that two very famous paranormal investigators had been into and who were freaked out by the whole experience? 

Should I brave it all over again to see if I was mistaken the first time round? 

But if I do go back and nothing happens for a second time. You all might have to re-evaluate your own evidence and whether Most Haunted and Paranormal Lockdown are a bit over excitable. 

So should I make a revisit or just leave it as it is? Only time will tell. 

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