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Busy Filming

Well, as you know I have been filming constantly for the new documentary “The Manchester Pusher” in order to get as much as I can to provide you with evidence from both sides of the argument of whether there is a serial killer called “The Pusher” or are the deaths just accidents?

However, this is easier said than done since some of those that may have the answers will not speak.

I have tried to contact Manchester’s Mayor Andy Burnham, Peel Holdings who own the Bridge Water Canal and the water safety board and none of them have replied and are basically evading questions that people want to know the answer too.

Even GMP Greater Manchester Police) are still evading some of the questions which is standard.

However, through a mix of detective work, speaking to relatives and becoming a bit more active than most people would like. I am finally getting closer to my goal of providing you with information that you can deliberate over.

I will of course keep you updated as I go along. 

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