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Building my home studio

A few years ago I built a home studio with the intention of it just being a stop gap until I moved everything into the loft. However, here we are a couple of years later and I'm still in the same studio. But why?

Well partly because of the pandemic and then there's the obvious reason of my accident where I broke my ankle. But there is also one more reason and that is because it works. And why change something if it isn't broken?

However, unless you're one of those people that uses a green screen and needs loads of space. Size can be your friend and you don't need a massive room to build your studio in.

I have had a lot of conversations with paranormal filmmakers and documentary makers who always want their studio to be this massive big room to edit in. But why?

If you know anything about editing, you'll it contains long hours sat on your backside looking at a screen and saving your project over and over. There is hardly any movement except for your fingers and maybe the odd back stretch. So go with what you have.

Through the years I have had big and small sudios and the problem with having a big studio is that you have to fill it with equipment that you have to buy. And certainly back in the early days things didn't come cheap. Things like Racks, Keyboards, compressors, speakers, mixing desks, computers and mic's etc all come at a price, and that price was rather heafty. Plus you have the added expense of heating it and powering everything.

However a small studio that will often give you the same results these days come a much cheaper price.

These days you can get away with a small room, a computer or laptop, some software and headphones or speakers.

I mean if you can edit to a good degree and know your stuff then there's no reason you can't become successful.

Just look at people like David Sandberg (One of my heros). This guy was living in a little apartment with his wife (Lotta Losten)with hardly any cash to their name. They decided to release a couple of short films on youtube that mainly only stared Lotta as the main character. Then the next thing you know, he was picked up by Hollywood and ended up directing Lights out (Which was his original idea), Annabelle Creation and The Conjuring Universe. And he didn't have a big studio or a big cast for that matter. So go with what you have. But here is a link to his youtube channel that also has some great tips

However, as far as my studio goes. I'm not saying I'm never going to move it. But at present everything works just fine.

So forget the big fancy ideas of a massive sudio and concentrate on your editing.

If you want to see a video of my studio build, then just click on the photo above.

Cheers for reading my blog. And until next time. Do something that scares you.

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