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Curiosity - The Mini Series

A new projected which is called "Curiosity - The Mini Series" is now live on Amazon Prime & Youtube.

There are five episodes in total which last no longer than 15 minutes.

  1. UFO

  2. Alternative Death

  3. Are Ghosts Real?

  4. Did we land on the moon?

  5. 22

The reason they are so short was to enable the viewer to watch them when they are in a rush and haven't got a lot of time, on a short journey to work on a bus or a train or even if you are just about to fall asleep for the night etc.

As always, I try to be a little bit controversial which can often see some of those involved in that field become defensive because they have their own ideas. Which is fine because everyone is entitled to an opinion as long as you remember that works both ways.

I try and look at the evidence in such a way that it might make you change your current view. Because I use a common sense approach rather than a "I see a light and think it's automatically a UFO or a shape in a photo and automatically think it's a ghost".

However, I am not saying my view is the right one as mine is just one of many. But it is my view until someone provides me with evidence saying other wise. Plus, Curiosity - The Mini Series is all about asking why doesn't this happen or why does this?

If you are interested, please visit the Amazon page by clicking the photo at the top of this page. But remember this is entertainment and should be treated as such, because sometimes not everything is as it seems.

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