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People keep asking "What is happening with the new documentary and why is it taking so long?"

Well, the documentary is going well and part one is 99% done and i'm just finishing a few tweaks. However, you will notice I said part one and the reason for this is because there has been so much happening lately surrounding the water deaths here in Manchester, that what started off as a single episode or what some people would call a feature length film. Has now turned into multiple episodes.

In June alone, there was six deaths around the county of Greater Manchester and this has seen me add more material to the film, which in turn has almost become a series.

Now, at this stage I must say that people also keep asking my thoughts on whether there is or isn't a killer or killers,or are they really all just accidents? But like most episodes of Curiosity, I am not here to push any verdict onto you, but only to supply you with what I have found whilst researching the deaths and then let you decide for yourself.

I obviously can't tell you all the inns and outs of the documentary, but I can assure you that no one has gone to the lengths I have gone to to find the truth.

In May I was contacted by a filmmaker from Vice TV who is also working on a documentary surrounding the deaths and he asked if he could interview me in connection with the drownings. But unfortunately I had to decline due to working on my own project, but since I am a big fan of Vice, I have to say I was a little bit gutted.

But the biggest question I keep getting asked is "When is it out?"

Well, as soon as people stop being found in the canals, I might just get time to finish it. But fingers crossed, not too long.

In the meantime, please visit the Facebook page if you havn't already

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