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Why I stopped Filming.

A lot of people noticed that everything had gone quiet on my Youtube Channel, Twitter and just about every aspect of my social media life and then I disappeared.

I totally closed everything down including my website and then I stopped conversing with people.

There was however a reason for this, or should I say there where a couple of reasons and the main two being that I broke my ankle while out filming back in June which resulted in me having metal plates and pins put into my leg that I am still suffereing from now. and the other was my mental health.

But before I get onto my mental health, something quite serious happened. While the doctors where minipulating my leg back into place, I was put under sedation because the pain would have been too much.

But then apparently I stopped breathing and technically died.

A defib was used amoungst other things and luckly I was brought back to life. Now, I don't remember any of this happening. It just felt like I had gone to sleep, everything was black and then I woke up with a bit of a sore leg and chest.

I saw no light, heard no angels singing, didn't see any by gone family members or had any out of body experience. Everything was black. Black and peaceful.

After that I was out of action for about 4 months.

But as I have already stated the other reason I disappeared was down to my mental health which took a turn for the worst and I went into a dark hole. This isn't the first time this has happened and I seem to cover it well or so I thought. But being unable to move etc certainly didn't help and things got worse.

However, there is an upside to all this and god forbid I'm certainly not looking for any sympathy. But after having a long chat with the doctor, it turns out that I could have undiagnoised ADHD and I now have to go for some tests which is would explain a lot to me and maybe to those closest to me as well. The only thing is, that apparently the waiting list is very long...... Boooo

But just knowing that, has helped immensely and it has now given me the push to get back on with Curiosity. I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel which unfortunatley I didn't see in the hospital.

Anyway, there are other things too, but I think those are the main two reasons. So fingers crossed I'm on the mend.


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